Site Induction

To assist employers (including sub-contractors) familiarise workers with the OHS rules and procedures of the site BEFORE they commence work.

Company Name:
Items Covered Yes No N/A
Have you established the competencies and qualifications (including trade qualifications) of the person?
Have you established proof of the person‟s construction induction training? (White Card)
Have you ensured that the person has been taken through relevant safe work method statements for the tasks to be performed?
Does the person have the correct PPE available?
Have you shown the person what to do in an emergency and identified the location of the:
Have you shown the person
Have you shown the person where all relevant fire fighting equipment is located?
Have you introduced the person to their site Health and Safety Representative(s)?
Have you explained the procedures for reporting incidents, injuries and hazards?
Has the person been trained to set up and use any specialised equipment that is required?
Have you explained the site security procedures?
Have you explained the site health and safety rules?
Have you given the person an opportunity to ask questions about their responsibilities and to have any issues clarified?


  1. Where there are a number of employers, the employer who has management and control of the site must provide sufficient information to enable contractors to fulfil their site induction obligations.
  2. The detail required in the site induction will vary between phases of a construction project.
  3. Where the person does not clearly understand English, use an interpreter to assist in translation.

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